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The Ravenpaw Territory

A Black Wolf's Home

Faol Ravenpaw
17 September 1985
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"I don't eat cats, too much fur."

"First rule of government spending: Why build one when you can have two at twice the price?"

Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life

Howdy all. My name is Faol Ravenpaw. I am a furry, species being Grey Wolf. My fur is all black with a slight red tint to it. There is a small notch near the top of my left ear, and a fairly deep scar across my chest. Other than that, I'm your fairly typical wolf. You will usually see me in a feral form, but if you happen to catch me in an anthro form, I'll be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and most likely a brown coudoroy jacket.

My territory is Syracuse, New York, where I work and go to school. I seem to be the only wolf around these parts :P

I am a chemistry major at the college listed below. I'm hoping to obtain a Ph.D. and become a professor someday.

Wolf Furry
Wolf Furry. ART COPYRIGHT TO: www.redpanda.com
(Sara Palmer)

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It's a wolf!

my pet!

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