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Wolf in Central NY. Deal with it :P

Teh Xander Update

So I just got back to the lab from visiting with boomeroo. He's doing pretty well, apparently much much better than the last two days. Quite happy to report that he's pretty much his normal self, just bored out of his mind, which one might expect given the circumstances.

Just some notes:
-I'll let him explain in his own words what all went on with him, though I've gotten a pretty detailed report of what he's taking, mostly what they think was happening, and what went on with him over the last 48 hours or so.

-His cellphone is dead and the room phone does not call out. Ergo, he cannot make calls out, people can only call him. He's pretty much got no way to contact anyone himself.

-They are still not sure about when he's getting discharged. Saturday, Sunday, Monday timeframe seems to be the roundabout time as of when I was talking to him. My guess would be Saturday because he's really pretty much normal now (aside from a pretty bad cough) and he's of course anxious to GTFO that place. At that point he'll hop back online again.

-Finally, he says thanks to everyone wishing him well and thinking about him. He really appreciates it :)

I'm leaving this post public for the time being so that if any of you wanna pass this along to other folks he's friends with that don't know me or are not friended to my LJ, all you gotta do is link them to this entry.
Being a college student myself, I can't even begin to imagine what is running through the heads of the students down at Virginia Tech right now...

They will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers -_-

Question time folks

Ok, I just did this to myself, and I want opinions people!

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A few thoughts

So in the past few days, been reading a lot about personal beliefs and what not about different things, especially sexuality. I try to always respect what others believe, as long as they are respectful towards me. It occurs to me though, that I haven't made my side of the story known, and I have as much right as anyone to do so :P

So here it goes:

For better or for worse, I believe in a Christian God in general, and probably closest to the Catholic viewpoint of said God. This is the religion of my childhood, how I was raised, and thus makes the most sense to me. This is not to say that I believe it is the ONE way, and everyone who doesn't agree is damned, bad, unholy, etc etc...I believe that an individual's view on the world is colored by their experiences and what they need to thrive and for the world to make sense. I believe that all religions are very nearly the same when it comes to right and wrong and how to live. The differences are mearly how to view a higher power, and the politics that have over countless centuries, wound their way into the fabric of the various religions. By that token, I believe that books such as the Quran and Bible are guides to life, not the absolute be all and end all of everything. Fact is, these books have been translated different ways to fit different agendas through time, and what we read now is 4th or 5th level translations, not necessarily what was originally written. Context, age, and translation source all need to be taken in account when reading these books. We are humans, and we error, and thus books written by us, whether inspired or not, have error.

I think the basis for a lot of how I look at things comes from the short amount of time I spent in high school looking into Wicca. In the end, the religion itself didn't appeal to me, but there was a seemingly small phrase that I took away from it that has since colored how I look at things. If it harms no one, do what you will. You can decide for yourself what is right and wrong for you, and as long as you don't hurt anyone else in the process, the decision is totally yours. Out of this has also grown the idea that everyone, and I do mean everyone, has an intuitive sense of what is right and what is wrong. That is what guilt is for. Whether or not one chooses to listen to that innate sense of right or wrong is completely up to them, but I think that a lot of the "sin" in the world comes from people not paying attention to what their own sense of right and wrong tells them.

There is nothing wrong with homosexuality and I say that unashamedly. There is nothing wrong with having a loving, FULL relationship with someone of the same sex. I cannot think of anyone else that I am harming by being my husky's mate. The people being "harmed" are only being so because they choose not to accept me for who I am. For those who disagree, that's ok, you have a right to. What you don't have a right to do, however, is tell me how to live my life, or enforce your idea of right and wrong over mine by making gay marriage illegal. Laws exist to protect people from other people; nobody is protected when I'm not allowed to marry who I choose to.

On the note of protection, another controversial issue on which I have an opinion is abortion. Though it contradicts my otherwise liberal views, I agree that abortion, the way it is taken right now, should not be legal. Yes, there are many situations and loopholes that should be considered case by case, however, saying it is a right, is well, not right. Abortion after the fact is killing someone, harming another human life. Do what you will, as long as you harm no one else, and the idea of abortion as a right flies in the face of that, to me at least. This not to say that I don't agree with birth control before the fact, however, as there is, as of that time, nothing there except gamedes, which are a part of us.

I don't know what the afterlife holds, nor do I care. Part of my FAITH, is that if you live a good life, the best you can, SOMETHING good will happen when you die. Don't know what it is, no way to know, but I trust in it.

So, that's what I think mostly. If you ask yourself, what Faol thinks on issue X, remember what I try to go by, Do what you will as long as you harm no one else. It pretty much sums up my explanations to most things.

Yes, this post is remaining public. I want people to know what I think.


*stretches neck out a little bit*
So yesterday, on my way home from work. I had an accident. I was driving in the passing lane and most likely I drifted off to sleep unfortunately. My car drifted onto the shoulder and into the lefthand ditch before I finally woke up. I hit the break and though I don't remember, I must have jammed the wheel to the right to get back on the road. Wrong fuckin' move. I spun a complete 180 as it came back up on the road. When my tires hit pavement, I started rolling. The people who pulled over to help me said I rolled maybe three or four times. My car landed right way up, facing north (I was going south) down the embankment on the right side of the road.

As far as I go, I'm fine. Despite losing my back and driver side window, and there being glass all over me, I barely have a scratch anywhere. Only injury to speak of was a neck strain, which is no big deal, just kinda painful. Car is absolutely totaled though. Well, not absolutely, but I have little doubt that the insurance company will just scrap it.

So, pics anyone?
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